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Rock Hard Fly Fishing Thigh Brace (item #2786)
Call before Ordering

$55.00 S/H
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The Rock Hard FlyBrace makes fishing from a raft as steady as fishing from a driftboat only better because it's a raft! The hand layed molded fiberglass knee lock adjusts up and down to hook your lower thigh where you want it. The fisherman can stand with both legs inside or one leg in and one out or twisted with one leg forward and one back. The the angled riser tube gives you plenty of foot room. The skidguard standing deck is adjustable up and down allowing you to set the deck quite high in the raft for super visibility to the water. The bow bracket is adjustable to the rise of your raft. The Fly Brace is designed to hook right into a NRS frame with two optional lopro fittings and only one strap is required to secure it to an inside bow d-ring. Easily swivels up to access the self bailing floor valve. Shown is a Powder Coated version which runs an additional $95.00. These are custom built to fit your frame on your boat so give us a call at 406-252-3724. 

Front Tube Support
Double Tube Riser
Fiberglass Thigh Brace - Knee Lock w/Powder Coated Insert
Skidguard Deck Custom Cut To Raft
Cross Bar with TIG Welded Down Tubes
4 Stainless Ubolts
4 Water Jet Parts
4 CNC Parts
1 Powder Coated Part
1 Hand Layed Fiberglass Part
3 TIG Welded Parts
1 Custom Built Deck

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