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Rock Hard Frame Plate (item #4258)

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Rock Hard Frame Plates - These versatile platforms are a great accessory for any raft frame and they mount in seconds. All Frame Plates are fitted with both a shallow 3" and a wide 4" cup holder. The shallow 3" cup holder will hold most any beverage can or regular water bottle and it is also great for flys and tackle. The large cup holder is large enough to hold an insulated coffee mug or a can koozie. Frame Plates are a great platform for attaching fishing accessories such as rod holders and fly-tackle foam. Mounted off to the side of the cooler they become a handy platform to set items on while loading or unloading the cooler and make a nice serving platform.

Choose The Correct Size Four different sizes will accommodate most frame bar spreads. Measure the distance, outside to outside of the two bars onto which you would like to attach a plate. Use the appropriate sized Frame Plate from the chart below.

Assembly - A Phillips screwdriver is required. Remove the hardware package from the cup holder. The hardware bag contains two Delrin clips and four stainless steel screws. Flip the Frame Plate upside down and locate the predrilled holes in both corners opposite the end with the J hook. Attach one clip to each of the corners using the stainless screws.

Installation Pick your location.

1. Release the shock cord from the J hook. 

2. Position the Frame Plate over the frame bars and snap the clips onto a bar.                                                                                                                  

3. Reach under the bar at shock cord end of the Frame Plate and stretch the shock cord under the bar and up around the J hook.                                                                                                         

4. The Frame Plate may be adjusted sideways by pushing or pulling it to the desired position.

Installation Tip To help stretch the shock cord between two bars that are to close together to get your fingers between. Do not stretch the shock cord around two bars as the shock cord can be damaged. Cut a piece of thin rope or string to about 12" in length and loop it around the shock cord on the cup holder end and snake it up between the two bars. Firmly grab the string and stretch the shock cord up between the bars and into place on the J hook.

Construction - Frame Plates are constructed from 3/4" Skidguard marine type plywood with a durable Delrin clip and adjustable shock cord attachment system. Skidguard plywood is very weather resistant and virtually maintenance free. The cup holders are mounted with a urethane adhesive and have drain holes.

Warranty - If anything fails on your Rock Hard Frame Plate due to ordinary use for a period of one year we will repair or replace it at our discretion. The other thing we guarantee is once you own a Frame Plate you will soon need another one. 

Caution Frame Plates Are Not Designed As A Step! Never step on a Frame Plate. It can move and you may fall.

SM Size - 6" - 12" Bar Spread
MD Size - 10" - 16" Bar Spread
LG Size - 14" - 20" Bar Spread
XL Size - 18" - 24" Bar Spread

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