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Rocky Mountain Raft 2016 13 SB River Raft (item #8069)

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2015 Rocky Mountain Rafts are a quality raft at a low price.

Great raft for the money. This boat will give many higher priced boats lots of competition!

Features and construction that impressed us:
The Rocky Mountain Raft construction is very good for the price. The workmanship is good with triple welded air holding seams, welded d rings and handles and welded thwart attachments. The new d rings are crows foot construction and the handles are built with some angle on the webbing which makes for a more bomber handle. On top of the tube is a generous frame wear patch and under the tube are two 64oz wear chaffers to make a bomber bottom. RM Rafts also have industry standard Leafield valves. Very clean seam lines, no loose edges and no wrinkles in the panels. Nice removable thwarts, lots of quality constructed D-Rings and plenty of air chambers. Size is fairly consistent with other 14ft rafts so when upgrading rafts your frame can go onto most new 14 rafts.

Features that are less than impressive to us:
Floor fill valve is in the stern. This is good for day floats. On extended trips the boat will be ran backwards so the floor valve is accessible and not under a gear pile.

All said RMR rafts are a quality product and we will have these boats in rental this year!

We must ship this product by motor freight. Shipping fees are not included in your order. Free shipping for shipping district 1. $50 Credit on shipping to all other areas. Call us for a quote.

Length: 13 1
Width: 6' 4''
Tube Diameter: 19.5"
Straight Tube Length: 73"
Inside Width: 36"
Center to Center Tube Width: 55"
Bow-Stern Rise: 8"
Tube Top to Floor Top: 14.5"
Thwart Dia: 12"
Thwart to Thwart: 43"
Weight: 150lbs
Air Chambers: 4 + 2 + 1
I-Beam Style Self Bailing Floor
Passenger Capacity: 6-7
Stainless Steel D-Rings: 12
Carrying Handles: 6
Removable Thwarts: 2 (Batten System)
Frame Wear Patch: 8" x 96"
Valves: Leafield
Pressure Relief Valves: 1 Floor
Standard Warranty: 5-Year Included
Welded Seams
Welded D-Rings & Handles
Quality D-Rings
Full Tube Wrap
2 Removable Thwarts
7 Air Chambers
Laced In Floor
Leafield Valves

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