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Sawyer Smoker Lt Drifter (item #8171)
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This solid Ash oar is a favorite of big water dory guides and driftboaters. Special slim blade offers light blade weight for hours of rowing with minimal effort and finessing your boat into and out of eddies. These oars are easy on the joints and have a flex and rebound that is legendary. Comes standard with a Dynel and Kevlar Pro-Tip, oar blade protection from rocks and other debris.

Available Lengths: 8' to 12' (overall length)
Rope wrap and rubber stop standard
Pro-Tip installed standard
Shaft diameter at Wrap: 2.3"
Slim, lightweight blade profile
Solid Northern White Ash oar
Tapered oar shaft circumference for a counter balanced feel and excellent flex.
Solid Ash blade for durability and a slight crown power face for a smooth, controlled stroke.
Round barrel grip w/black vinyl grip covers.
Sealed and finished with the finest marine grade spar varnish.
Comes standard with rope wrap, rubber stop & Pro-Tip.

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