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Tom Grant Oar Right (item #8180)

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The Innovative Oar Right is a oar stopper with a guide that fits between your oarlock horns and keeps the oar blade in a vertical position. Helps position your oar for the most effective, powerful stoke. Can be used over your oar shaft protection of choice (rope wrap, plastic sleeve, etc.).

Convertible version can flip up and out of the way when you want to be able to feather your oar or locked down for full-power strokes.

Large Oar-Right: fits 1-7/8" to 2" diameter oars (most whitewater models)
Small Oar-Right: fits 1-3/8" to 1-5/8" diameter oars (most small craft models)
Convertible Oar-Right: fits 1-7/8" to 2" diameter oars (most whitewater models)
Oar stopper & guide for maximum stroke efficiency
Molded, glass filled nylon for durability
Easy to install 2 piece clamp on style with stainless steel bolts
Designed to fit over oar shaft protection

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