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Sawyer Cobra Oar Locks (item #8181)

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Cobra Locks are Made In USA and cast with Mag70, a very high quality bronze alloy.  Cobra Locks unique design is taller and narrower than standard oarlocks. The slightly narrower design wedges the oar up off the bottom with the taller horns allowing for a larger range in oar motion. The wider cobra locking horn has a more rounded top which allows a jammed oar to pry free of the lock without the damage to oar structure and rope wrap that can be caused by most other oar locks. The deluxe models are threaded with a lock-nut keeper to reduce play. The Cobra Oar Lock is quite simply the best whitewater oarlock available. Utilizing the vast experience and suggestions of whitewater professionals, this oarlock is designed with unique features that enhance performance and usability.

Material: Heavy-duty bronze alloy
Horn Opening: 2"
Inside Diameter: 2 3/8"
Shaft Diameter: 5/8"
Shaft Length: 3 3/4"
Includes: Split ring with each oarlock
Lock nut with each Delux oarlock.
Extra wide horns - spread out the load bearing area and reduce stress on the oar and lock.
Elongated Oval Opening – smaller radius at the bottom than the top of the opening and adds 10° to 15° of vertical range of motion. The oar maintains contact with the sidewalls of the lock for a secure fit, while allowing free rotation for sculling and in-water recovery strokes. The extra range of motion allows for stand-up rowing, close-in sculling and more elevation to avoid hazards and obstacles (like those other boaters that always seem to be in the way).
Tough Hammered Finish – helps limit the oar’s tendency to “slip to the stop” and eases the ability to perform more advanced rowing techniques with less fatigue.
Versatility – Can be fine-tuned to fit almost any oar size and stop style.

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