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Sawyer Dynelite Oar Blade
Dynelite Oar Blade is the lightest whitewater proven blade made.

Sawyer Square Top Dyno X
Sawyer's Square Top Dynelite oar is simply the best rowing, lightest swing weight, whitewater proven oar on the planet!

Sawyer Square Top V-Lam
The very popular Sawyer Square Top Oar with a beautiful V-Lam blade.

Sawyer Smoker Lt Drifter
Solid Ash oar is a favorite of big water dory guides and driftboaters

Sawyer MXS Shaft
The Sawyer MX oar is lightweight with exceptional strength.

Sawyer Cobra Oar Locks
Cobra Locks unique design outperforms all other oarlocks and are made in the USA.

Sawyer MX-FG Shaft
Sawyer MX Ugrade to Large Diameter Outfitter Shaft, 1-3/4"

Sawyer Polecat Shaft
Sawyers solution for the cost conscious oar buyer who wants the lightweight strength advantage of a fiberglass shaft.

Carlisle Oar Shaft
Carlisle's tough, maintenance-free, quality aluminum oar shafts give you maximun strength and performance

Sawyer DuraMax Oar Blade
DuraMax Oar Blade is a tough, outfitter proven whitewater blade.

Sawyer V-Lam Blade
The NEW V-Lam Oar Blade has the greatest flex and is the lightest Sawyer blade made.

Tom Grant Oar Right

Carlisle Outfitter Blade
Rugged and light, Carlsile Outfitter blades are constructed of tough, UV-resistant plastic with a full-length tempered aluminum spine for superior strength.

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