We rent quality Maravia & NRS self bailing rafts. Maravia or NRS rafts are packaged with the basics for a day floating. The NRS E142 can be outfitted with a NRS fishing frame which goes on a trailer only as the frame does not break down. Boats are deflated and wrapped in a tarp for pickup. Boats can be inflated for transporting on a suitable trailer (We reserve the right to refuse to put our raft on your trailer if we think it may cause damage the raft). We also rent a raft trailers that are capable of carrying one to three inflated rafts.
Included equipment: 4 inch Rock Hard Barrel Pump, 70' throw bag, repair kit, 4 paddles and 4 PFDs (personal flotation devices).
14ft- Raft - $105.00
14ft- Maravia raft with outfitter frame & oars - $135.00
14ft- NRS raft with NRS fishing frame & oars - $145.00

Smith River Packages

Quality Maravia self bailing rafts are packaged with equipment suitable for a multiple day river trip. Packages include Standard Raft Package equipment plus: spare oar, cargo platform and straps, cargo net and straps, packer bars and aluminum storage box, Rubbermaid cooler and extra cam straps.
14ft Raft with outfitter frame & oars - $145.00
Raft Trailer - $55.00

Raft Accessories

We reserve the right to refuse accessory only rentals during the peak rental season of May 1 to August 31

Bear Fence - $22.00
Paddle - $ 3.00
Guide Paddle - $ 4.00
Spare Oar - $ 7.00
Outfitter Frame & Oars - $30.00
Cargo Platform - $5.00
Cargo Net - $5.00
80 Qt Rubbermaid Cooler - $10.00
105 Qt Rubbermaid Cooler - $15.00
120 Qt Yeti Cooler - $20.00
Aluminum Storage Box - $ 15.00
4" Rock Hard Pump - $5.00
PFD - $5.00
Helmet - $3.00
Wetsuit - $10.00
70ft Throw Bag - $ 4.00